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Thinking of ideas for some interesting demo blogs. Have a great little line-up  Then, what I thought was the easy part became more of a challenge.

Wanted to insert a few short video clips. HAH!!  Haven’t been near my video stuff for a few years. Was using a Flip video Ultra HD. Does the trick. Obsolete, of course, but workable. Kind of. Some battery charging issues.

Then there is no clear trail of breadcrumbs linking Flip to Itunes to IMovie.  Re-inventing the wheel.  I am taking copious notes.  Should be able to get this together! I am resolute in making old machines give it up for me!

Need to add a few VERY SHORT vids to my website.  I always look at the time on the video before I decide to watch it. Do you do that?  (Unless I really need to see a cute mammal to cheer myself.)  So, I actually want viewers to view what I post. Not monopolize their time.

More to follow-and more Yoko




Finally able to edit and publish the live performance of my video piece, “Prom”. May of 2010. Haven’t been able to work for quite some time–so glad to be starting back to my life again!  So, there is a long list of “must finish”.  This is one of them.  I did my first video artwork in 2009-got a chance to have a live performance in 2010.  Very last minute-I was lucky enough to have some great actress/improv/artist friends that stepped up to the plate.  Learning experience.  You really do need some kind of audio/lighting! This was made with a Flip videocamera on a tripod. Not so bad when you consider that.
It was a cold reading, without rehearsal. I think the actresses did a super job. Jen Bosworth, Jocelyn Geboy and Courtney Cole Brobst. The performance was at Art on Armitage in Chicago, IL., courtesy of Mary Ellen Croteau, who let me have the use of her gallery space!. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Good to be able to start working again.
On YouTube. The produced video version is on YouTube, too. Watch that one first.
My cousin, Meghan Stromberg was an actress in the video production. Scarily wonderful!  Jocelyn Geboy, a gifted improv performer, took over her part in the performance. ( Meghan was a little too pregnant with her daughter, Sabrina!).
The installation was created with a vintage mannequin and prom dress.  The fetus carpet was made from my original linocut printed on silk, sewn to felt and “sutured” with embroidery floss. About 5-6 feet in diameter.
(Hi, Yoko! I think you will find the subject matter unfortunately timely.)
Prommantel sm
 FetusCarpet closePromPostcardsmalldress middle


i know a very media savvy women-Courtney! She has started blogging all about the really essential sites. Pinterest, Etsy, WordPress,Twitter, etc.  Building apps. Making video. Awesome tutorials! What you need to know to get started, or advance your knowledge. I am going to be following these lessons- and reporting back to you how life-changing they were! Let’s share the knowledge and connect with each other. We all need to learn more-let’s grow our abundance! Leave me your links in the comments section- I will follow you!

Today’s link is about Pinterest:  http://creativepeopledesign.net/2014/06/09/project-pinterest-whats-a-user-interface/

I’d appreciate you following me through my links: http://hladikvoss.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/hladikvosscom/112385732173811 https://www.etsy.com/shop/Printmistress888 http://www.pinterest.com/hladikvoss/


Posted on: April 20, 2012

Good Day to all of you!

Made a decision to finish this long standing project.  It has been hanging in my studio space for longer than I care to admit.

Have you ever been waylaid by life? I seem to have had a pattern of getting a tremendous artistic roll-ideas-time-energy! Then “something happens”.  It has been mostly matters of health and family in my case that have precluded my forward progress.  Do men do this?

Time to break out of this old story.  We are always in the middle of real life. Some events do stop one cold-for a while.  I was looking at a very large canvas of mine yesterday.  Remembering the circumstances in which I made it.  Very ill at the time-could only stand up for minutes at a time.  BUT! I really wanted to finish it.  And I did.

Found new resolve.  Hope this inspires away some of your excuses, too.  Let me know-we can all use the encouragement.

The Man Who Couldn’t “Hear” Orange was inspired by a story my father told of a man from the neighborhood.  For more detail pix: go to my website :   http://www.hladikvoss.com/prints.html

Go to Portfolio> It is under the Tactile Print list on the left.  Will be posting more as I finish sections.  The “man” model is my husband, Richard.

Feel free to ask me questions!


This is the main image from Panel #4—

Coming soon! another project needing the final touches.  “Prom”  a video/installation piece.  I’ve even shown this in performance. ( Many thanks to Mary Ellen Croteau, and to Art on Armitage- Chicago, Illinois!). Need to get the “movie” version on YouTube, and finish editing the live version.  Then get  it on my website.  Yes, there are some pix on the website-under Tactile Prints!

Postcard for the Debut Performance

The Man Who Couldn’t “Hear” Orange!

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