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Little did I realize, when I began this series of etchings, that real politics would become part of my artwork. Fake News???? I am posting one of the over 100 monotype etchings: Natural History:Alexander Hamilton, today. True or False? I will answer this in my next blog. Censorship is the antithesis of art. I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the hard fought laws that American citizens gave their lives to defend.

Original premise: Pliny the Elder (who died in the Vesuvius explosion ) tried to collect a book of all knowledge-the first encyclopedia – and did he get a lot wrong! But even so, much of it still believed today.

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https://www.etsy.com/shop/Printmistress888  (For more from the series)


Aquatint etching,linocut, trace transfer monotype. Monoprint. Edition 1/1.  For sale! Contact me for details on purchasing through my blog or etsy site. View more from this series on my website: http://www.hladikvoss.com  Please sign up and Share. You can buy my artwork directly on my Etsy site: Printmistress888.etsy.com

12″x 18″. Framed 24″x 30″. Printed on Rives BFK white archival paper. Edition 1/1.  Each print background consists of 2, differently colored, inked, aquatinted copper plates printed over each other. This produces the variegated stripes.
Then I employ a variety of printing techniques: linocuts, collograph, etchings, monotyping, chine colle, etc., to create the subject. I design all the fonts by hand.


Thinking of ideas for some interesting demo blogs. Have a great little line-up  Then, what I thought was the easy part became more of a challenge.

Wanted to insert a few short video clips. HAH!!  Haven’t been near my video stuff for a few years. Was using a Flip video Ultra HD. Does the trick. Obsolete, of course, but workable. Kind of. Some battery charging issues.

Then there is no clear trail of breadcrumbs linking Flip to Itunes to IMovie.  Re-inventing the wheel.  I am taking copious notes.  Should be able to get this together! I am resolute in making old machines give it up for me!

Need to add a few VERY SHORT vids to my website.  I always look at the time on the video before I decide to watch it. Do you do that?  (Unless I really need to see a cute mammal to cheer myself.)  So, I actually want viewers to view what I post. Not monopolize their time.

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