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Just a few sentences and a picture. Most days. Artwork. Humor. Okay, some politics and social commentary. Would you sign up/follow my blog? Today’s monoprint from my Natural History series is “NH: Polar Bear” True or false? We’ll discuss Pliny the Elder later.

Yesterday’s print, “NH Bribery”, was true. HUH!

See more about this series on my website: http://www.hladikvoss.com

Buy in my Etsy shop@ https://www.etsy.com/shop/Printmistress888nhpolar-bears.jpgThe image is 12″x 18″, printed by hand to archival Rives BFK white paper. Frames to 24″x 30″.

Aquatint etching,linocut, trace transfer monotype. Monoprint. Edition 1/1. For sale! Each print background consists of 2, differently colored, inked, aquatinted copper plates printed over each other. This produces the variegated stripes.
Then I employ a variety of printing techniques: linocuts, collograph, etchings, monotyping, chine colle, etc., to create the subject. I design all the fonts by hand.



NH:BillofRightsWell. Considering all the laws and rights we enjoy in America. And, pre-occupied with the the issue of medical insurance. Which is off the mark for this print. Don’t care. I was uninsurable for most of my adult life, due to a chronic health problem that started when I was a child.. I have experienced decades of no coverage, and subsequent near death outcomes. I have had government subsidized health care. Mixed help and results. I have had good insurance when I married, very late in life-with high costs. Today, I discovered that my very expensive insurance will not cover an essential medication. Cost to me? Over $1000.00 out of pocket a month. So, praying to get an answer. Don’t qualify for disability-even though I have an automatically qualifying condition. Too ill as an adult to have worked enough to qualify. Not destitute enough to qualify as indigent. Move to Sweden? Wales? Ireland?

Have a few pieces of artwork made when un-insurable. “Pre-Existing Condition”. “Buy This and the Artist Dies”- When on government insurance, couldn’t make any income.  “X-Ray”, and the like. This print features the 2 aquatint striped plate background. Lino gun and flag, And a very fetching etching plate-the ekg flatline. PLUS! hand drawn and designed fonts-a trace transfer technique.

Glad for those that the new health care helps.  I’ve survived over 45 years of this. What ya got for me today, Mr.President?

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