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Good question!  My intention was to blog about Pliny, the Natural History mono print series, with engaging facts and fiction. ( more about that later).

Above artwork is my painting: ” Martinizing”.  Acrylic. Yep, I can paint, too.

Anyway, I have been totally embroiled, enmeshed and entangled with continuing medical issues and financial difficulties. Takes up so much time and energy.  However, I will not slip over to the dark side in this blog!


Today’s NH: “Alexander Hamilton”.  To those of you new to my premise, your 1st question should be, True or False?.

This mono print was made by printing 2 copper aquatint plates in two different colors of oil ink to create the background stripes. The middle panel depicts the history of religion in icon form-a soft ground etching. The upper right corner is a chine collé with a line etching of a brain, overprinted with an American flag lino, printed on tulle. Real $10 bill. Image size is 12 x 18 inches, on 24 x 30 Rives B.F.K.  A nice, sturdy paper that can take multiple printing techniques, wet or dry. Following so far? Please feel free to ask about these printmaking terms.

“Isn’t life strange”… I think that is enough for today. Please share this blog.


I did it!  Started work on the monster project this weekend.  Had no idea I had already done so much of the work. The thinking, conceptual part of this work has been solid for a long time.  The manual “arting” part is more developed than I remembered. Huzzah!  I am at the part I really enjoy.  Serene weeks of work ahead with little or no thought!  Except for the dead ends/surprises/shedding of long held certainties/tweaking and the odd ideas I get in the middle of the night!

MY personal belief, arrived at over years of painting, printing, etc., comes down to one question.  Why does this need to be made?  I started painting very realistic acrylic paintings-local scenes, etc.  They sold well, but took too much time.

Acrylic painting

I decided to make a change and returned to printmaking.  I started my monoprint series: “Natural History”.  Some of the examples are on this blog-more on my website:  http://www.hladikvoss.com

monoprint etching

Most good artists are capable of many different types of work in different media.  I don’t see the point in making more of the same work that other people can make.  Ask the question-what do I do that is unique?  Maybe you experiment with media.  Maybe you have an idea for a project that is outside of your comfort zone?  ( My painting clients didn’t like my prints-my print clients might not like my new work.)  I think that the more you open up to those odd thoughts, the happier/ better you will be.

I don’t think that any work I made was a waste of time.  I needed to learn to paint-print, etc,. so I would have the tools I need to create what I need to make next.  ( same feeling about the rest of my life, too!).

More to come–

Have a great day and start writing down those crazy ideas of yours.  I have a feeling they will lead you someplace fantastic!




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