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NH:CarHorns copy

Well,- I don’t know what happened here on the blog site, but finally got the monoprint jpg in!!! A humorous and Factual? text?

Cars are created from a pronto plate plastic litho-then applied as a chine colle. Etching strip at bottom, with aquatint background and trace transfer text- Hand designed font. For your amusement- And for sale , if you wish! Contact me! I sell through etsy. Follow me! Like me!

On my website: http://hladikvoss.com/

On my etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Printmistress888

On my FB Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/hladikvosscom/112385732173811

Glad to be even a little better-will address that later.





NH:BillofRightsWell. Considering all the laws and rights we enjoy in America. And, pre-occupied with the the issue of medical insurance. Which is off the mark for this print. Don’t care. I was uninsurable for most of my adult life, due to a chronic health problem that started when I was a child.. I have experienced decades of no coverage, and subsequent near death outcomes. I have had government subsidized health care. Mixed help and results. I have had good insurance when I married, very late in life-with high costs. Today, I discovered that my very expensive insurance will not cover an essential medication. Cost to me? Over $1000.00 out of pocket a month. So, praying to get an answer. Don’t qualify for disability-even though I have an automatically qualifying condition. Too ill as an adult to have worked enough to qualify. Not destitute enough to qualify as indigent. Move to Sweden? Wales? Ireland?

Have a few pieces of artwork made when un-insurable. “Pre-Existing Condition”. “Buy This and the Artist Dies”- When on government insurance, couldn’t make any income.  “X-Ray”, and the like. This print features the 2 aquatint striped plate background. Lino gun and flag, And a very fetching etching plate-the ekg flatline. PLUS! hand drawn and designed fonts-a trace transfer technique.

Glad for those that the new health care helps.  I’ve survived over 45 years of this. What ya got for me today, Mr.President?


Posted on: April 20, 2012

Good Day to all of you!

Made a decision to finish this long standing project.  It has been hanging in my studio space for longer than I care to admit.

Have you ever been waylaid by life? I seem to have had a pattern of getting a tremendous artistic roll-ideas-time-energy! Then “something happens”.  It has been mostly matters of health and family in my case that have precluded my forward progress.  Do men do this?

Time to break out of this old story.  We are always in the middle of real life. Some events do stop one cold-for a while.  I was looking at a very large canvas of mine yesterday.  Remembering the circumstances in which I made it.  Very ill at the time-could only stand up for minutes at a time.  BUT! I really wanted to finish it.  And I did.

Found new resolve.  Hope this inspires away some of your excuses, too.  Let me know-we can all use the encouragement.

The Man Who Couldn’t “Hear” Orange was inspired by a story my father told of a man from the neighborhood.  For more detail pix: go to my website :   http://www.hladikvoss.com/prints.html

Go to Portfolio> It is under the Tactile Print list on the left.  Will be posting more as I finish sections.  The “man” model is my husband, Richard.

Feel free to ask me questions!


This is the main image from Panel #4—

Coming soon! another project needing the final touches.  “Prom”  a video/installation piece.  I’ve even shown this in performance. ( Many thanks to Mary Ellen Croteau, and to Art on Armitage- Chicago, Illinois!). Need to get the “movie” version on YouTube, and finish editing the live version.  Then get  it on my website.  Yes, there are some pix on the website-under Tactile Prints!

Postcard for the Debut Performance

The Man Who Couldn’t “Hear” Orange!

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