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More today on the origins of my monoprint series “Natural History”.
Some years ago, I came across an interesting historical factoid. I wrote it down.
Soon there after I read an article about Pliny the elder, an ancient Roman historian, who wrote the world’s first encyclopedia, “Historia Naturalis”. See where this is going?
I started to collect other bits of odd history and general facts I found intriguing. Things people probably knew nothing about.
One day it occurred to me that I was on to something. I made the first 10 of the monoprints, entered some in a national competion, was accepted to the show, and had one print purchased for their permanent museum collection. I took that as a sign from above. I’m all about omens and portents.

Tomorrow: more about Pliny and the underlying thesis of this project. There has to be a “Why?” I won’t make art without it.
Then, a link to my art website the day after. In progress. Will welcome comments. It’s been lying fallow the past few years while I have been consumed and subsumed with a plethora of illness. Digging my way out-

Today’s Monoprint: “Natural History: Dollar Bill”. Aquatint, hard ground etching, chine colle,linocut,trace transfer monotype. Dollar Bill. 1/1. Contact me-It’s for sale!

NH:One Dollar Bill

“Natural History: Dollar Bill” Judith Hladik-Voss

Just the Facts:
Image size=12″x 18″. Framed 24″x 30″. Printed on Rives BFK white archival paper. Edition 1/1. To begin, each print background consists of 2, differently colored, inked, aquatinted copper plates printed over each other. This produces the variegated stripes.
Then I employ a variety of printing techniques: linocuts, collograph, etchings, monotyping, chine colle, etc., to create the subject. I design all the fonts by hand.

Sign up!



NH:CarHorns copy

Well,- I don’t know what happened here on the blog site, but finally got the monoprint jpg in!!! A humorous and Factual? text?

Cars are created from a pronto plate plastic litho-then applied as a chine colle. Etching strip at bottom, with aquatint background and trace transfer text- Hand designed font. For your amusement- And for sale , if you wish! Contact me! I sell through etsy. Follow me! Like me!

On my website: http://hladikvoss.com/

On my etsy site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Printmistress888

On my FB Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/hladikvosscom/112385732173811

Glad to be even a little better-will address that later.


NH:Apple GreenMy mother, Ruth Anna Loraine- (All the 7 siblings had 3 given names) Johnson Hladik, was a depression era child. She remembered her father painting and repainting the kitchen chairs. Black and Apple green. When I came across this as a factoid, I was delighted. I extrapolated the feminist subtext. That’s my job.

This print contains a smashing little TTM( Trace Transfer monotype),  chine collé of a chair. Water color was used after the ink dried. Before “gluing” the print to the background print with wheat paste, and running it through through the printing press.  Another vocabulary etching plate makes its appearance here. From when there were film cameras. A take-off on family vacation pix. Near the top of this print.

Do something soothing today.


I did it!  Started work on the monster project this weekend.  Had no idea I had already done so much of the work. The thinking, conceptual part of this work has been solid for a long time.  The manual “arting” part is more developed than I remembered. Huzzah!  I am at the part I really enjoy.  Serene weeks of work ahead with little or no thought!  Except for the dead ends/surprises/shedding of long held certainties/tweaking and the odd ideas I get in the middle of the night!

MY personal belief, arrived at over years of painting, printing, etc., comes down to one question.  Why does this need to be made?  I started painting very realistic acrylic paintings-local scenes, etc.  They sold well, but took too much time.

Acrylic painting

I decided to make a change and returned to printmaking.  I started my monoprint series: “Natural History”.  Some of the examples are on this blog-more on my website:  http://www.hladikvoss.com

monoprint etching

Most good artists are capable of many different types of work in different media.  I don’t see the point in making more of the same work that other people can make.  Ask the question-what do I do that is unique?  Maybe you experiment with media.  Maybe you have an idea for a project that is outside of your comfort zone?  ( My painting clients didn’t like my prints-my print clients might not like my new work.)  I think that the more you open up to those odd thoughts, the happier/ better you will be.

I don’t think that any work I made was a waste of time.  I needed to learn to paint-print, etc,. so I would have the tools I need to create what I need to make next.  ( same feeling about the rest of my life, too!).

More to come–

Have a great day and start writing down those crazy ideas of yours.  I have a feeling they will lead you someplace fantastic!




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