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I don’t find treason laughable. Or bribery. They are among the most serious threats to America. Responsibility and the law must address these foul grievances. Today’s print is several years old. Substitute U.S.A. and Russia for Switzerland? Except, and accept that this is not going to happen soon. Constant vigilance.

Yesterday’s monotype, “Natural History: Bill of Rights”, was true. View more from this series on my website: http://www.hladikvoss.com

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Aquatint etching,linocut, trace transfer monotype. Monoprint. Edition 1/1.  For sale! Contact me for details on purchasing through my blog or etsy site.

12″x 18″. Framed 24″x 30″. Printed on Rives BFK white archival paper. Edition 1/1.  Each print background consists of 2, differently colored, inked, aquatinted copper plates printed over each other. This produces the variegated stripes.
Then I employ a variety of printing techniques: linocuts, collograph, etchings, monotyping, chine colle, etc., to create the subject. I design all the fonts by hand.



NH:BriberyOddly, this fits in well with the other topical/personal blog of today-Blogging for Dollars- A Perfidious Tale of Health Care in America.

This is an earlier monoprint, but the subject matter is as old as time.  I used several different linocut plates and the trace transfer technique to add the hand-drawn fonts. The background is comprised of 2 copper aquatinted striped plates. The plates are inked in 2 different colors-when printed on top of each other, the give a gradation in color. The plates are printed when the paper is wet. ( If not, you could never register-match up the edges).  The linos are printed in a second  session, after the paper has been dried under blotters. The words are printed in a third session. The image size is 12″ x 18″. Printed on Rives B.F.K. 24 x 30. Edition of one-it’s a monoprint.

More hints to the series? Eh? Believe it or not? So much information on the internet-just like old Pliny the Elder?


The above is the link to the socio-political blog of the day.

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