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Posted on: July 12, 2014

Last night was the opening of the group show texttexttext @ Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.  I wasn’t able to attend-but my extremely arty and handsome husband, Richard, went and showed the flag for me.  He’s an artist, too, which really helps! I got a great placement for the piece and am very grateful.

I now have a new web page associated with the gallery. http://womanmade.org/galleries/judithhladikvoss.php

It turned out really well-and it’s another link in the cosmos!

Woman Made Gallery – Judith Hladik-Voss Member Gallerywomanmade.orgWoman Made Gallery – Judith Hladik-Voss Member Gallery – Mixed Media, Fiber, Printmaking

Next blog?- new linocut-with some helpful hints…


Circular Reasoning: VerticalToday’s blog is to let you know about a piece of my artwork that is in a group show opening 7/11/2014, at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

It’s a linoleum print/fabric assemblage called “Circular Reasoning”. This piece examines how small changes in word meaning can evolve into major shifts in comprehension. From sanity to insanity and back again. Illustrated with my original linocut prints.

I have been using printing techniques combined with fabric as way of making work larger than I could print on traditional printing presses. Well, one thing has led to another, as they often do, and I now have a series of works I call “Tactile Prints”.   I use hand designed fonts, embroidery, found objects, quilting and assemblage to create these pieces. Circular Reasoning measures 5 x 6 feet.

I will be starting to include more demo/printing tips on the blog, shortly. Happy to answer questions, too. Here’s a sneak preview of Circular Reasoning and some studio pix:

1.CircularReasoningstudio shotParanoia quiltedInsanity+

To view works in progress on my website:

While you’re there, you could sign up for my mailing list-I only send out email for important shows and such.

View the show online @: http://hladikvoss.com/




Show Postcard-Can you guess which image is mine?

Another Opening, Another Show!  ( from “Kiss me Kate-great dancing–with a young Bob Fosse ).  “Always great to be in an art show-group-solo-intimate-prestigious-what have you.  I always get a charge out of exhibiting.  I believe firmly that you never know what the benefits and impact of your work might be.  Sometimes the show does you good-sales! recognition! great snacks!  ( I’ll never forget one show I saw in Chicago-an amazing printmaker who designed the currency for the Czech Republic.  Oldrich Kulhanek. What we all remember was the food!  Incredible amounts and varieties of cured meats and pastry–made me proud to be 1/8th Bohemian!  This seems to be a continuing theme-cooked meats!…).

Sometimes, you may have inspired, amused, connected somehow with a person whom you’ll never meet or know. It’s not always about us.

I won’t be able to attend this opening-I’ve been having some ongoing health annoyances.  Apparently, my presence isn’t necessary. I don’t even wonder anymore. I always get where I am supposed to be.

I was tickled to discover that my image was part of the “postcard”.  I had this email from the gallery for days before I looked at it closely.  A cheerful surprise.

So, get out and do something fun this weekend!  See some art! See people!  Eat charred meats!

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