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Where Have I Been?

Posted on: August 10, 2017


Good question!  My intention was to blog about Pliny, the Natural History mono print series, with engaging facts and fiction. ( more about that later).

Above artwork is my painting: ” Martinizing”.  Acrylic. Yep, I can paint, too.

Anyway, I have been totally embroiled, enmeshed and entangled with continuing medical issues and financial difficulties. Takes up so much time and energy.  However, I will not slip over to the dark side in this blog!


Today’s NH: “Alexander Hamilton”.  To those of you new to my premise, your 1st question should be, True or False?.

This mono print was made by printing 2 copper aquatint plates in two different colors of oil ink to create the background stripes. The middle panel depicts the history of religion in icon form-a soft ground etching. The upper right corner is a chine collé with a line etching of a brain, overprinted with an American flag lino, printed on tulle. Real $10 bill. Image size is 12 x 18 inches, on 24 x 30 Rives B.F.K.  A nice, sturdy paper that can take multiple printing techniques, wet or dry. Following so far? Please feel free to ask about these printmaking terms.

“Isn’t life strange”… I think that is enough for today. Please share this blog.

1 Response to "Where Have I Been?"

I love my wife’s work. We recently talked about her “photo-realism” paintings of the town we live in, and how that once she finished a painting of a particular site that it “damned” them to change. Hanging in our livingroom right now is the intersection of Sherman and Davis looking South to the one-time Holiday Inn. Other than the sidewalk and two lanes turning left onto Davis St (Westbound), it looks nothing like that tody. Waiting for the construction/destruction to be done before final comparison photo. Now the “Natural History” series seemingly won’t have that dilemma !

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