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Who’s this Pliny Guy?

Posted on: July 23, 2017

In answer to a followers question.

Pliney the Elder was an ancient Roman historian. Man about town. Died as direct result of the Mt. Vesuvius  explosion. Pliney was a scientist, writer, naturalist.

His work,” Historia Naturalis”, the world’s first encyclopedia, was an attempt to gather and codify, get this, ALL KNOWLEDGE.

Using unverified information, His facts were often ludicrously wrong.

My series of aquatint monoprint etchings takes off from there. Are the statements in my series: “Natural History” true or false?

I liken it to the Internet. Purported  repository of all knowledge. And now, a current events tie-in: ” fake news!”.

Question answered?


1 Response to "Who’s this Pliny Guy?"

I have the multiple blessings of not only being your husband, but also seeing these wonderful “Natural History” prints of yours “first hand”. I love the execution and thought provoking text. Having read much of Pliny’s work as well, it’s just amazing to see !

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