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“Under Pressure”

Posted on: May 26, 2016

I loved reading historical novels as a  teenager. Gone with the Wind, War and Peace, Doctor Zhivago. Romantic train wrecks. You know the kind.
I felt insulated from this type of experience. I was privileged. My parents had long term employment. Roof over ones’ head and food on the table. Culture, books, music.

I heard stories from my father about the depression of the 1930s in America. But they were all so long ago and obviously would never happen again. Especially to me.

Scarlett O’Hara eating a radish dug out the fields after the fall of Atlanta. Vomiting and vowing that this will never happen to her or her people again. Noble- inspiring. How dramatic. Still nothing to do with me.

What really resonates with me now? The impoverished post Civil War class. Hungry and clueless. Ladies painting decorative china that no one wanted. Gallant men pretending to need it as a way of giving charity without dishonor.

I find myself feeling that way. I have suffered much of my life with medical problems that have kept me from participating in a normal life.
Now I find myself in dire to constantly challenging conditions in my health and finances. This is been going on for several years and is escalating.

From necessity, I have put out appeals for donations to help me cover basic needs. Applied for charity assistance with medical expenses.  Have been selling my own artwork from an Etsy shop. Printmistress888.etsy.com  Fun, modern, affordable prints. Original art.  Please share! ( See more of my work @ http://hladikvoss.com )

Combined with job losses in my family, my inability to work, and taking responsibility for other sick family members care, my husband, Richard, and I have come to this point.

We are both college educated. Richard has worked all his life.
This was not the social contract we thought was our birthright for acting responsibly.

Will be posting my usual art related blogs again. This was more of a catch you up with my life sharing.
Been hospitalized 12 times in the past 18 months. 2 months in a nursing home after that. Still in the process of healing. Ongoing medical care.
“Under Pressure”-missing David Bowie….

Would you like and share my blog? It’s lonely out here!



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