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6 Responses to "Blogging for Dollars- Or A Perfidious Tale Of Health Care in America"

[…] Blogging for Dollars- Or A Perfidious Tale Of Health Care in America […]

F-ing hell . And our govt. wants a system like the US one .

I have a niece, nephew and brother in-law with Crones. My heart goes out for all you have to go through just with the disease. But the “health care” shit is beyond belief. My husband works now at Northwestern, one of the “best” medical centers in the US according to the business press. You don’t want to go there. And the insurance employees have is machiavellian. They bill us for everything that is supposed to be covered. I am tired of fighting them, so I just don’t go to the doctor anymore.
Let me know your mailing address and I will send a check. I don’t deal with Chase bank.

Thanks for your comment. I just “outed” myself on this topic last week. I am going to send you some info re: Crohn’s that isn’t really known in the U.S. The U.K has been so far ahead of us. Know you will find it interesting. Sending my address to you by your email. Thank you very much!

OMG Judith. This is horrendous. People here complain all the time about our national health system but we don’t know how lucky we are. There’s a lot of stuff about Chron’s over here beng linked to candida infection – I don’t know if that’s current in the USA yet? All the very best x

The most current treatment here are biologics-they advertise them on TV. The side effects? Sudden death, neurological issues, lymphoma, etc. Rather have Crohn’s!
Never heard about candida infection. UK is usually 10 years ahead of US research.
Thanks for the info.

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