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A Story from my Mother NH:Apple Green #7

Posted on: February 7, 2015

NH:Apple GreenMy mother, Ruth Anna Loraine- (All the 7 siblings had 3 given names) Johnson Hladik, was a depression era child. She remembered her father painting and repainting the kitchen chairs. Black and Apple green. When I came across this as a factoid, I was delighted. I extrapolated the feminist subtext. That’s my job.

This print contains a smashing little TTM( Trace Transfer monotype),  chine collé of a chair. Water color was used after the ink dried. Before “gluing” the print to the background print with wheat paste, and running it through through the printing press.  Another vocabulary etching plate makes its appearance here. From when there were film cameras. A take-off on family vacation pix. Near the top of this print.

Do something soothing today.



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