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“We’re the Hladiks,” and other delusions

Posted on: February 4, 2015

My sister, Carol and her first blogpost! Should be fun to follow.

We're the Hladiks

Monmouth Wallace 2

A word about the title of this blog.  In a small Illinois town called Monmouth (61462), there is a liberal arts college (Monmouth) , and there was a small motel/steak joint (Meling’s).  When Nixon was in the White House, I attended the former and when my father drove me to school, we ate dinner at the latter.

When one entered the dimly-lit bar at Meling’s, which led to the dining room, all conversation stopped while the local patrons turned to the door to see who you were.  Strangers.  College people.  Then they returned to their drinks, either beer, or whiskey, or usually both.  My Dad and I took a seat in the bar area to wait for a table.  I was underage (it was 21 in those days), so  my Dad ordered a highball for himself and said, “The young lady will have a whiskey sour.” The tired waitress could…

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