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Natural History Monoprint-Post 4

Posted on: February 3, 2015


I am starting to enjoy this. Got some positive feedback on the blog today.Yes, it does matter! Art is such a solitary pursuit. So is starting a new blog. I operate fairly well in a vacuum, but glow when the sun shines on me.

Anyway. This monoprint is quite early in the series. I do like the bottom etching plate-evolution. A soft ground etching.  ( for those new to this-a zinc plate is rolled up with a greasy coating-then drawn upon. This lifts off the coating, and lets acid bite into the plate. Ink can then get into the design to be printed).  I made a variety of plates for this series. etching-linos, etc. my “Vocabulary”.

So that is today’s data about the series: there is a vocabulary of images that I use in each print.

Will be willing to eat herring again. Sooner than I thought. Must be genetic!

See you tomorrow. Follow me! Yoko Ono  ( to be explained later).


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