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OK, A slight glitch Post #2a

Posted on: February 1, 2015

And then I get food poisoning and flu?  Bad herring. A Swedish woman should know better than to eat fizzy herring. Up and at it today-somwhat.

Going to add another monoprint etching from the Natural History Series. Alphabetically. Been working this series for over 10 years. Over 100 unique prints. This is going to take us a while! Today’s Concept hint?= Pliny the Elder. Really.

Today’s Print is: N.H.: Acupuncture 12″ x 18″ image. Aquatint on copper. Lino. Soft ground etching. Trace Transfer monotype. Artist designed fonts. For sale, of course. I got hooked on this series when the 2nd one I printed got sold to a museum near Warm Springs, GA. Being a huge FDR worshipper ( thanks again for Lend Lease, Social Security, etc.), I took this as a sign.


Next info: had a gap in the last 5 years- due to illness. Might take a poll to see if that is of interest to anyone. I have really mixed views on this. Many people ( artists and critics) have told me lately that I should integrate my “story” and personal life into my artwork. Confessional. Would create the “breakthrough” needed to make me more relevant. Repellent to a quintuple Scorpio.

The first time I saw an artist in a national magazine, using her colonoscopy as part of her oeuvre, I knew things were going in a direction that concerned me. Since then: personal mutilation seems to be big. What? Maybe not amusing to me because I’ve been medically mutilated by surgeries since I was a teenager. Don’t get me wrong, HUGELY GRATEFUL to be alive.

Enough! Basta! Today is all about football! See you tomorrow! And please share this-need more followers! Will do the same for you.



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A lovely artblog from a fellow printmaker

love this!

Thanks-appreciate comments!

Love all your work. I don’t know where you find all this unique information but I sure learn a lot.

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