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Computer Stuff and Free Art

Posted on: July 14, 2014

OK. Just found out I’ve been doing something else backwards in respect to SEO! Alors! What a shock…

If you are feeling beneficent, would you  try to sign up for my mailing list–I have yet to send out a mailing. and you’d probably only receive an email a few times a year. Not a huge obligation.  I only would post a seasonal update of shows and such.  Most likely.

So, here’s the link to my Mail Chimp account-where you can sign up for Hladik-Voss Art.  (That’s me!).


OR, http://hladikvoss.com/  where you can sign up for my blog and Mail Chimp on the same page.

Would appreciate a comment if you did this for me and it worked!  Small prizes may be involved.  OK- the first 10 people to sign up will get a small original owl linoprint from me-you’d have to give me your mailing address to participate. This Owl is 4 x 6 inches-numbered and signed-colors will vary-blue/green/brown/orange and black.

Preview of “Night Owl lino.jpg”

Yoko? Hope you’re having a spiffy day.



1 Response to "Computer Stuff and Free Art"

I signed up 😀 and hope to be one of the 1st ten 😀 i love this owl print 😀

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