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Wherefore Twitter?

Posted on: July 13, 2014

Started Twitter today on the advice of much more hip, savvy and cooler people. Not being Lady Gaga or Yoko Ono-( more on Yoko Ono later!), I could not fathom why anyone would be interested in what I ate for lunch.

Apparently, this platform can be used for good!  Once I establish a nice group of followers, I can tweet my incredibly hypnotic and addictive artwork on a daily basis for the joy, edification and amusement of all. That’s the plan.

As a corollary-I am going to try to get the aforementioned Yoko Ono to follow me. I will be doing this in a totally respectful and playful way.  As she has said, in her brilliant conceptual work: “YES”.  So why not! From the “It Could Be That Easy Tour 2014. I will use her name in my blog and as a tag word.

SO, be in the company of potential greatness and follow me on Twitter. I’m Printmistress88, or Judith Hladik-Voss! Maybe we can all have lunch with Yoko sometime?NH:Elizabethan Beauty


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