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This isn’t magic…

Posted on: May 16, 2014

Thank your curators!!!! Bring them snacks!

melanie ezra

Ever wondered how much effort goes into putting on an exhibition? Probably looking at the great art too much to care I suppose. Well it isn’t just a simple case of nailing a potato to a wall and walking off 2 minutes later.

Even with a small group of artists every detail has to be considered. If there’s labelling to go on the wall then that needs to be written, checked, printed, and mounted. If there’s an information sheet available for visitors then you can rest assured this has been compiled from existing artists’ statements, edited, checked, and printed. Then what about the press releases? The social media? The fundraising? Emails between artists and curators can run into the hundreds just to plan a small show.

It’s a mammoth task to keep everybody happy and to make sure that the message seen by visitors to a gallery is exactly the message that…

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