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Home Alone

Posted on: May 29, 2014


Melanie Honebone

There are lots of advantages to working at home in my studio. You’ll never hear of me having a problem with awkward workmates, I can jazz up my day with household chores so that I don’t have to do them on the weekend, I can play whatever music I want, and I can stop for a cuppa anytime I like. On the flip side though it can be really hard to keep up the motivation and there’s nobody to bounce ideas around with.

I hit many mental walls throughout the week and it is up to me, and me alone, to find a way to overcome them. This blog serves as a way to reflect on these blocks and also is a record of successes. This means that when I truly hit the wall I can reach into previous entries and remind myself where it is all going. Right now it isn’t going too…

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great print demo-mezzotint on aluminum plate

Art by Nancy Farmer

Detail of the finished mezzotint Detail of the finished mezzotint

I had another play with the mezzotint rocker yesterday, with a proper sketch first and everything. I took some photos as I went along, but I’m not going to explain the ‘rocking’ process in much detail as you can see that on this post of a few weeks ago.

A cross-over has occurred between my two blogs – the drawing that this mezzotint is based on is one of my cat-of-the-day sketches. The printing plate is aluminium and is cut to the same size as the prints I have made into coasters. For a while I have thought that the drawings of Percy in his beanbag would make a good set of images for my ‘Art Under Your Coffee’ coasters, but then, there is nothing to stop them being framed prints instead…

Aluminium plate with drawing first in pencil and then fineliner penAluminium plate with drawing first in pencil and then fineliner pen Aluminium plate with drawing first in pencil and then fineliner…

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Another great idea for art exhibiting-


Rosie Scribblah The Subversive Stitch

Busy busy busy in Bath. I have work in three exhibitions in Fringe Arts Bath this year. I’ve blogged about the first two in my previous 2 posts and now here’s the last – 3 little arty magnets in FAB Fridge, a street art extravaganza made up of over 500 little fridge magnets which will be stuck all over Bath at the weekend.

Rosie Scribblah Sixties Dude

It’s organised by the Collect Connect group that organised an exhibition of tiny art in cardboard boxes along London’s South Bank earlier this year. These three images of mine are original drawings on top of transfer prints, done from some of my digital photos.

Rosie Scribblah Ladies In Waiting

I really like the work that Collect Connect does, democratising art by taking it out onto the streets for anyone to see … and collect. It’s all systems go in bath on Friday night. All the exhibitions in this year’s Fringe Arts…

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Thank your curators!!!! Bring them snacks!

Melanie Honebone

Ever wondered how much effort goes into putting on an exhibition? Probably looking at the great art too much to care I suppose. Well it isn’t just a simple case of nailing a potato to a wall and walking off 2 minutes later.

Even with a small group of artists every detail has to be considered. If there’s labelling to go on the wall then that needs to be written, checked, printed, and mounted. If there’s an information sheet available for visitors then you can rest assured this has been compiled from existing artists’ statements, edited, checked, and printed. Then what about the press releases? The social media? The fundraising? Emails between artists and curators can run into the hundreds just to plan a small show.

It’s a mammoth task to keep everybody happy and to make sure that the message seen by visitors to a gallery is exactly the message that…

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Love a print demo, don’t you???



I’m working in a new country in a new print workshop in Rawalpindi, with new materials and equipment and it takes a bit of getting used to. We’re all doing full-colour reduction monotypes (for details of the process, click here )for a couple of days and I went to my supplier in London just before we left to buy some more ink. They no longer stock the ones I’ve been using so I brought an untried brand with me.

The process is done on perspex (plexiglass; acrylic) sheets and the local acrylic is different to the British. I brought some of my own paper (French, BFK Rives) but the brand isn’t available here and I don’t have as much as I need so I have to use the local paper. With so many variables, I decided to spend yesterday doing test plates.

We have two types of Pakistani acrylic sheet…

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