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Faery Tale Friday; Snow White

Posted on: April 8, 2014

Fairy Tale Art-appropriately GRIMM!

Ziggy Shortcrust

Snow White is probably the most famous fairy tale brought to us by the Brothers Grimm, although arguably they have Walt Disney to thank for this particular story’s popularity. It was first published in 1812 as Little Snow White and in its original form was far darker than their finalised edition of 1854. This was because they were now aiming their stories at children. Disney’s animated film, released in 1937, owes much of its influence to the final version but he lightened the mood even further.


In the original story the villain is in fact Snow White’s mother, not step-mother, which puts a shocking slant on things. So jealous is she of her daughter’s beauty that she instructs a servant to take the girl into the forest and kill her. To prove that her daughter is dead the servant was required to bring back Snow White’s liver and lungs…

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1 Response to "Faery Tale Friday; Snow White"

J – You know I’ve read most/nearly all of the Grimm’s recorded tales (each usually has more than one version, getting “milder” with each writing) in the original German. Even more chilling, as German is a very specifically descriptive language. No subtle nuance like French, BAM chopped off her toes to fit her foot in the glass slipper. But the sparrows and ravens called her out, saying “blut im schu, blut im schu”. Yes, blood in her shoe ! Quite different from a big fat foot that couldn’t fit. Oh yeah, the other sister (not step-sister) chopped off her HEEL with the self same ax. Same result, birds, foul discovery, shame, no prince. Grimm indeed. Yr lvlng hsbnd R

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