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In the short span of time since it’s inception, Oehme Graphics has quickly established  itself as one of the country’s premier fine printmaking publishers, specializing in all forms of intaglio, encaustic and monotype processes. Each year the OG Studio hosts artist projects, residencies, internships, and workshops, headed up by Master Printer Susan Hover Oehme, who also travels to teach and exhibit around the country.

Master Printer Susan Hover Oehme pulls a Jason Rohlf print Master Printer Susan Hover Oehme pulls a Jason Rohlf print

Sue and Diane Cionni contemplate the next step on a monotype Sue and Diane Cionni contemplate the next step on a monotype

Sue has been a life long artist. During her high school years, she painted, danced ballet, and nearly majored in classical piano. However, art was the natural fit, and she double-majored in printmaking and painting at University of Michigan before winning a “Best in Show” Michigan Foundation Grant for a 10-ft long lithograph. With the grant money Sue bought her first printing press and moved across the country to New York City. In…

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Yes, most indubitably

Art by Nancy Farmer

12 Medusa Etchings from the 2014 calendar are up for auction – see below for details.

As some of you know it has been a little wet this year:

sarah-o-connell_somerset-flooding Photo: Sarah O’Connell

Actually this photo makes it look all romantic, but it’s a lovely photo that Sarah O’Connell was kind enough to send me so I have used it. The reality has been rather messier:

photo-5795906_western-daily-press Photo: Western Daily Press

The floods have not quite been at my doorstep, maybe a hundred yards away, maybe two hundred… so this is a cause somewhat close to home. Now the floods are receding, but after a couple of months or more under water, there is a lot of mess and damage to the land and peoples’ homes, and it all costs money. In an effort to help with the fund-raising I am donating a complete set of 12 etchings from this year’s…

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Great idea for linoprint artists


I’ve been carrying on developing a suite of very small lino block portraits that I started a couple of blogs ago (in Process, Process, Process).  I did some digital manipulation on Photoshop and got the image to the right size on my laptop and traced the image onto a good tracing parchment using a 3B pencil. Then I flipped the tracing over and covered the back with firm strokes of white conte crayon.

DSC07177        DSC07178

Then I turned it over onto a sheet of dark grey block-cutting vinyl and transferred the image using a 3H pencil, well sharpened. Finally I painted in the areas that will print white using a white acrylic paint and a fine, firm sable brush. This will guide my cutting.

DSC07179     DSC07180

Then I started on the next image. Once I’ve done 9, I’ll cut them apart into neat 4×4 inch squares.


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Another exciting art adventure from Rosie!


R. Davies 'Let Peace Prevail' (Above: The Afghan Border from Mitchni Post in the Khyber Pass)

Yesterday I made a 300 mile round trip to Birmingham to submit my documents for a visa to Pakistan. I’ve been offered a residency to work with a group of international artists to produce a group show, culminating in an exhibition in Islamabad.  I visited Pakistan about 7 years ago and I absolutely loved the place! It’s beautiful, cultured and the people are so warm and friendly. It was one of those life-changing experiences and I’ve been keen to return. Oh and the food is fantastic.

I did some drawings in my sketchbook while I was there and made a series of landscapes in full-colour monotype when I came back. They’re all based on tiny sketches except for the one of the Afghan children, which is based on a photograph taken in the Khyber Pass. The other three landscapes…

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