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Oregon College of Art and Craft Library

Have you ever been working on something with a scheme and wished there was a way to search for images by color? Well now one database allows you to do just that. The National Design Museum belonging to the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt has built a database where roughly 55% of their collection is browse-able by the colors that make up each piece. Their collection spans thirty centuries of historic and contemporary design and includes really unique and precious pieces. The database, in beta, currently features a color spectrum from which you can select any color you wish. Clicking on your choice brings up all the images that contain that color so that you can browse through easily. Its a good way to get inspired or just kill some time. Give it a try at http://collection.cooperhewitt.org/



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time passing…reminds me of things that are no longer there. Blessed to have lived long enough to be annoyed!


27 string 1

All I wanted was a ball of string. Well, white nylon twine to be exact, a very versatile product that hangs picture frames, threads-up Roman blinds and strings home-made kites. It’s the sort of thing you used to be able to buy dirt cheap in dark little shops with ‘monger’ in the title, staffed by blokes in brown coats with names like Arkwright and Granville. No longer. I’ve traipsed the city centre today; haberdashers, pound shops, market stalls, stationers, post offices, no joy. An upholsterer offered to sell me some by the metre, but that’s a ridiculously expensive way to buy it. I could go and check out the couple of remaining ironmongers in the city, but they’re a drive away, as are the D.I.Y centres.

27 string 2

I ended up in Waterstone’s first-floor coffee shop, having a hot beverage and sulking. There’s a good, large window overlooking the street, ideal for…

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Another great life drawing from my fave, Rosie!


14 tonya

Just back from life drawing with this one-hour study in yellow ochre oil paint on BFK Rives paper, size A3, drawing in carbon, graphite, black and white conte and traditional dip pen with Indian ink. Off to bed now. Goodnight zzzzzzzz

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