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“Newsworthy” Papercuts by Myriam Dion

Posted on: October 7, 2013



Myriam Dion 8

It is amazing how many emails I get with histrionic claims about this or that government conspiracy theory.  Most of them stretch credulity.   While I like to stay informed, I am wary of sources that offer a one-sided slant.  Thank goodness for fact checking websites like Snopes.com.

Artist Myrian Dion is happy to leave a few holes in her stories.  Her cut-out paper works are completely newsworthy.

Artist’s representation: Galerie Division
Myriam Dion 9

myriam 11myriam 10myriam 7Myriam 9myriam 2Myriam

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1 Response to "“Newsworthy” Papercuts by Myriam Dion"

Lovely works. I’m with you on the crackpot conspiracy theories

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