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It is amazing how many emails I get with histrionic claims about this or that government conspiracy theory.  Most of them stretch credulity.   While I like to stay informed, I am wary of sources that offer a one-sided slant.  Thank goodness for fact checking websites like Snopes.com.

Artist Myrian Dion is happy to leave a few holes in her stories.  Her cut-out paper works are completely newsworthy.

Artist’s representation: Galerie Division
Myriam Dion 9

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 Been away for some time-family crisis-glad to be back!

“Buxom”, the Tactile Print Wall Hanging

I am showing a large mixed media wall hanging in this show. Entitled “Buxom”, it explores the language that society uses to describe desirable women.

This work was created by using linocut prints on tulle, transfer prints on muslin, embroidery floss on Aida cloth, and vintage print floral fabric. It explores the various words used to describe “desirable” women. It measures approx. 5 x 6 ft.

I employed traditional lino printing techniques along with traditionally female needlework to create this piece.
This work also has a 3-D companion mixed media sculpture.


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