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An interview!

Posted on: July 22, 2012

Had a great opportunity to be interviewed by Mosaic Mandalas.  Thank you, Linda!  Here’s the link:





8 Responses to "An interview!"

Fascinating interview Judith. I’m a huge fan of monotypes too 🙂

Thanks for looking at this-glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been following your recent printmaking-want to respond when I have more time to be particular about certain techniques and work.
Also rapt re: your garden blogging. Don’t have any earth at the moment.
Getting emotional over jars of jam!

Do you have allotments in the USA? Our garden is a bit tiny but I cram it full of stuff and get loads of free horse manure from Freecycle and throw that on it in Winter – when we have the windows closed lol. All the other stuff is on our allotment.

Some communities have garden plots. Not enough! My husband used to have a plot some years back. Not available where we are at present. Seems wasteful not have them available.

It’s a shame. In some parts of Britain, there are guerilla gardeners who take over derelict pieces of land and plant them

Love that! Richard informs me we do have a section in our town for community gardening-maybe next year?

It’s very enjoyable – keeps you fit and you get to grow what you eat. And you eat seasonally, which can only be good 🙂

We cook more than most Americans-seasonal veggies and fruit are healthier and cheaper! I like having a feeling of the real seasons of the year.

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