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Posted on: April 9, 2012

Just started searching today for new blogs–got nominated by my favorite blogger-Rosie Scribblah- for the wordpress versatile blogger award.

Used my blog for a project of a few years ago-to document my Barbie/ebay/obsession.  At the time, my husband was going through multiple, consecutive health troubles.  I would come home from a day at the hospital-plug into ebay and watch auctions on vintage Barbie. ( and buy!). He’s well now!  I’m well now, too!  I was left with these photos and trunks of tiny clothing.

I am a printmaker/artist.  I wanted to start a blog for my artwork- a reason for people to follow me?  I hope you will learn something from my art posts-enjoy my sense of the absurd in life and generally appreciate the exchange of information about anything that crosses my brain.

Start off with my website!  http://www.hladikvoss.com    Sign up for my mailing list, too!  I use it only for MAJOR events.

Jo's Green Room

Intaglio printmaking is an exercise in patience! It is slow and I feel a real intimacy with the process when I am in the studio. I have taken to sitting down whilst I ink up my plates because it takes me such a long time !    Intaglio printmaking tests my patience and sometimes I could scream when I pull a print and it’s  over-whiped or underwhiped or the edges are messy ! ! I walk out of the studio, take a break, have a cuppa tea then come  back later and re-evalute how to wipe the plate to achieve a good balance of lights & darks…..and I start  again.  Today I printed some collographs and achieved only one good print.  It was a good ‘flowing’ printing session, however,  because  I am getting used to the small space in the Green Room and I got very organised before my print session
Here are the prints: 

I feel that this print of the wren is successful. …

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