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Clams on the Half-Shell Review -August 2010

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Clams on the What?? This month’s tableau is a Barbie homage to Bette Midler.  Once upon a time… Bette and the Harlettes did a stage show much like this!  Mermaids!!  Mermaids in wheelchairs!!  And the happy audience!  Show Biz!!!


10 Responses to "Clams on the Half-Shell Review -August 2010"

God-I love it! What a hoot! Just when I think you cannot possibly get more creative, you do! Just when I think I know which B.T. is my favorite, I see a new one and have a new favorite! That jeweled, beaded work is too much!

Thank my inspiration-Bette Midler! She actually dressed herself and back up singers this way, in the 70’s???

I LOVED IT!!! You do AWSOME outfits everytime! Their always great. I hope you keep doing this your really creative about eveything!

Thanks, Paloma,

I really enjoy thinking of new ways to display the Barbies. The outfits this month are almost all by Mattel–with some hand made by other doll fans.


I adore mermaids.
Barbie never looked so good!

Aren’t they lovely???

I especially love the gold ones…the costumes remind me of Claudette Colbert’s “Cleopatra”!

Nice reference–Glad you approve!

Smashing, and so reminiscent of Bette’s show. I know she would love it. The colors! The shimmer!! The fins!!!

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